• The Full Monty

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    This is the complete FCR upgrade kit for KTM twin riders.  It includes a matched set of downdraft 39 or 41mm Keihin FCR carburetors, dual push-pull throttle cables and throttle assembly, PCV reroute kit, dyno tuned jetting, TPS bracket, low force throttle springs, Cosentino Engineering Billet Velocity Stacks and matching K&N filters.

    This kit is the route to the maximum Hp increase achievable with the FCR carburetor upgrade. The velocity stacks are available in a black or Orange anodized finish.

    Keihin carburetors have long been considered some of the finest carburetors in the world.  Used by top race teams around the world, the FCR series is the result of decades of roadracing experience and technology improvement.  The FCR carburetors have proven to be some of the most reliable and powerful carburetors available, they include the following features:

    • Smooth bore design provides maximum airflow
    • Flat slide with vacuum release plate for improved flow control
    • Throttle valve roller slide design for smooth operation
    • Progressive linkage for precise control
    • Equipped with accelerator pump for rapid acceleration with no flat spots
    • Designed for easy installation on most models
    • Choke is available but not standard, please inquire
    • TPS available on some models, please inquire

    This Keihin FCR carburetor kit is easy bolt on horsepower for ALL KTM950 Adventure's, SuperMoto's, and Super Enduro's.  Both FCR39 and FCR41 kits are available.  The 39's provide a slightly higher intake velocity and produces more torque and mid-range, they will work well for stock to modified engines.  The 41's will flow better at higher RPM's and thus produce a little more HP at the sacrifice of some torque down low, they will work well with over-bored or highly modified engines

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